A horary chart on the fate of the Titan submersible

A horary chart on the fate of the Titan submersible
A horary astrology case study. 

On Tuesday June 20th, two days after the Titan submersible went missing I cast a horary chart and asked the question:
“Will the crew be rescued?”
The answer was no.
I am only sharing this with you now because I despise being the bearer of bad news and I was also praying for a miracle. Horary astrology answers any question you would care to ask and only works if your question is clear and well-defined.
Personally I prefer using it for yes or no questions and then once I have the answer I let the rest of the chart tell the story.
The word “horary” means hour and it looks at the exact moment in time when a person asked the question. You can see from the below chart that I asked the question at 1:32pm on June 20th.
This branch of astrology is rooted in antiquity and there are many rules to follow which I will not get into here because I personally do not follow all of them. I take shortcuts because I am busy and also because what I do choose to look at provides me with the information I require.
That said, for those of you keen on learning horary astrology I have provided a short list of resources at the end of this post.

Horary chart cast 20 June, 2023

You can see from the chart that the Moon was at 29º and she was in exact opposition to Pluto, God of the Underworld at 29ª Capricorn. The Sun was also at 29º in Gemini. 29º is associated with endings. This alone is an indication that they (the crew) were gone before I asked the question.
In horary astrology you look at the 7th House if you are asking a question about another person (if it’s for you then you look at the 1st house). The 7th House is Aries and Mars rules Aries.
You then have to look at Mars and his condition. Mars is in Leo at 18º in an applying square to Uranus in Taurus. Mars square Uranus = accidents. CNN reported today that debris found near the Titanic is indicative of an implosion.
To get a clear yes or no answer you look at the ruler of the ascendant or 7th house and the ruler of the house that represents the question. This was an 8th house question because the submersible disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
The ruler of the 7th house is Mars in the 11th house. This tells me that more than one person died in this accident.  The 11th house indicates friends and groups of people. You also have to consider the planets in the 8th house. Uranus adds the unexpected / shock factor and Jupiter, who rules Pisces, the sign associated with the oceans, is in an applying square to Mars in Leo. Saturn, God of endings, is in Jupiter-ruled Pisces.
The answer was unfortunately a very clear no.

Recommended Resources
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