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Astrologer and Sacred Mysteries Teacher based in Vancouver, BC

About me


I am a professional astrologer, magician and teacher. I have a certificate in Western Astrology from The Astrological Institute of Research & Studies (1997) and I practice a blend of traditional and Western astrology.

Before becoming a full time astrologer and teacher, I was a business and life coach for over a decade. My clients included Fortune 500 companies like Nike and McCain Foods.

My first astrology "textbook" was Linda Goodman's Love Signs and I was about ten years old when I got hooked on astrology! I followed that up with Linda's Sun Signs and Parker's Astrology. I still highly recommend these books.

I was born and raised in South Africa by Portuguese immigrants.

Although I attended mass with my Catholic grandmothers, my mother was not religious. By the time I was in my early teens I had experienced all the world's major religions mostly because my mother was a seeker and had a diverse group of friends.

I broke bread with Mormons, Hare Krishna devotees, Buddhists and one self-proclaimed "messiah".

*Meiga blood runs through my veins. My paternal great-grandfather was a well-known magician and my paternal grandmother was a (reluctant) psychic medium.

In my late twenties I certified in modern astrology. While I use and teach a blend of Traditional and Western Astrology, my approach is primarily Humanistic. I am a lifelong student of occult philosophy and depth psychology. My approach is deeply devotional.

Primary teachers in metaphorical thinking include Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marion Woodman, James Hillman, James Hollis and many poets.

I am nourished by Nature and the philosophies of diverse Native Americans, Hindu and Buddhist teachings and the writings of saints and mystics (Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Moore...).

I am guided by ancestors.

My family and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

My articles have appeared in magazines like The Evolving Astrologer, Astro.com, Spirituality & Health and Elephant Journal.

I write here and over on substack AND I teach astrology, magick and mysticism here.

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I offer the following astrological readings: Birth Chart and Solar Return reading, Planetary Remediation, 30 min Horary Chart reading, Relocation, Vocational Chart Reading and Relationship Reading. New clients should start with a Birth chart reading. Read testimonials here.

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Book me as your podcast guest, virtual speaker or custom workshop leader. Contact me via email hello(at)yolandasastrology.com.

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Sovereignty and the Midlife Journey. (Read this article)

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