Eclipses in Astrology

Learn about eclipses and how they can potentially change your life.

Eclipses in Astrology
Eclipses in astrology

The first thing to know is this:
Eclipses have ranking power.

A solar eclipse is considered more powerful than a lunar eclipse. The more powerful solar eclipse is a total eclipse that is visible in your location. Second most powerful eclipse is a solar eclipse that is not visible in your area. Lunar eclipses rank by the same method. A partial lunar eclipse is the weakest.

Eclipses are considered malefic. While I strongly recommend you not venture outdoors to watch an eclipse and avoid doing magical rituals during an eclipse, I do think you should first familiarize yourself with the areas in your birth chart impacted by any upcoming eclipse before hiding under the covers. Unless you have a planet getting hit within 1 degree of an eclipse, you probably won’t experience anything catastrophic.

But let me break this down further...

If an eclipse hits any of your angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10) you are going to be aware of it. Look to the planetary ruler of the angular house that is impacted for further clues as to what else will be affected or changed. In other words in which house does your planetary ruler sit?

If you are a Leo Rising and your Sun (Leo's ruler) sits in your 4th House, then there is a possibility of additional pressure at home and with family. It can mean home repairs (foundation/basement) or something to do with your parents.
The most powerful aspect is the conjunction so Moon and/or Sun conjunct one or more planet in your natal chart. Next is the opposition, followed by the square. The conjunction emphasizes or "heightens" the eclipse energy. The opposition tends to manifest as extremism that impacts your relationships and the square brings stress or pressure to the area of your chart activated by the eclipse (Astrological House). I recommend you workwith a 5 degree orb.
Here is a quick example:

The Natal Sun is at 24º Cancer and the transiting Sun at 24º Taurus (in green). The Sun- Sun aspect is an exact sextile. Aspects of sextile and trines tend to be protective or if challenges do rise up, they dissipate quickly.

An eclipse conjunct a benefic planet - Jupiter and Venus - can bring welcome changes but this is not always the case. Jupiter as the planet of expansion can sometimes "expand" problems. An eclipse conjunct Mars can indicate injury but also the need to cut ties or remove yourself from a situation. Conjunct Saturn and you may find yourself benefitting from a problem. Saturn is not always bad.
Generally speaking, if you are a Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant you are more sensitive to lunar eclipses. If you are a Leo Sun, Moon or Ascendant, you are more sensitive to solar eclipses. Approximately two weeks before the eclipse, you'll get a strong hint of what is about change for you.

An eclipse on the Ascendant or to a planet in the 1H (First House) tends to show up as a changes to your body. You may fall pregnant for example or you may lose or gain weight, change your style or suffer an injury. If planets contacted by an eclipse are in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), bring dramatic but often short-lived changes. If the eclipse contacts planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) any change to your body, relationships or reputation may be permanent and if the eclipse contacts planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) it can indicate a long period of recuperation or recovery.

An eclipse on the MC (Midheaven) often brings a change of status or if you’re employed, your company may undergo significant change. An eclipse in the 1H brings changes to your self-image and sometimes, health. 2H can bring changes to your income and earning potential. In the 3H, an eclipse may impact your siblings or neighbors or a communication will significantly change the course of your life. An eclipse in the 4H brings changes to your home (renovations etc), parents' lives or a property purchase and in the 5H changes to creative projects and children. An eclipse in the 6H brings changes at work and in your daily routine. Also changes to health. 7H brings something related to your partner or partnership matters. May bring lawsuits. 8H can mean an inheritance or loan. It’s also about retirement and pension. 9H eclipse can get you back to school, teaching, foreign people or traveling. It’s also about publishing contracts. 10H is the same as the MC. An eclipse in the 11H brings changes to friends and associates and 12H brings changes to your spiritual faith and lifestyle.