The Moon in your chart

Learn about the Moon in astrology and what your Moon placement says about you.

The Moon in your chart
The Moon in astrology


Maybe it’s because I’m a Cancer Sun, or maybe it’s because I’m in a deeply devotional relationship with the Goddess, but the Moon has always held my attention.  I know I’m not alone in this because more books are published every year about the Moon than any other planet and yet, despite all the books and the white-cloaked priestesses and the circles, she continues to shimmer with mystery.

This is not surprising of course, because the Moon is Mystery. To be in a relationship with the Moon is to be one with Mystery.

In modern astrology, the Moon represents our emotions and our  needs but there is so much more to the Moon. Older texts do an excellent job of describing the Moon.

“The Moon: a fortune.”  - al-Qabisi
“...(she) is a multitude of forgetting, timid, a flawless heart, cheerful to people, revered by them, flattered by them.
“ … abounding in the seeds of the earth.”
“...a protectress.”
Dykes, Ben, Introduction to Traditional Astrology Abu Ma’shar & al-Qabisi

The Moon rules our emotions, our physical body, our general wellbeing, fortune, procreative abilities (fertility and creativity) and in predictive astrology describes changes in location as well as shifts in lifestyle and health.

In addition to your astrological studies and chart interpretations, here are three other ways to learn about the Moon.

  1. Direct experience which entails observing the Moon and keeping track of her changing face and your mood or sense of wellbeing.
  2. Starting and maintaining a devotional practice.
  3. Reading good books about subjects under her dominion which includes but is not limited to books on the Ocean, Water, Food, Parenting and Psychology. My favourite astrological book on the Moon is Steve Forrest’s The Book of The Moon.
    When considering the Moon always begin with the astrological basics. The Moon is cold and moist. And her element is Water. She rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus. She is comfortable in Water and Earth signs and less comfortable in Air and Fire signs.
    For a man (or anyone who identifies as male) the Moon describes all the important women in his life. For women (or anyone who identifies as female), the Moon is her entire life.
    Your Moon's placement in your birth chart describes the lens through which you experience the world and how you choose to express yourself. The Moon also describes your past, shapes your future and defines your relationships.
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    It's easy to assume that because the Moon is at home in watery Cancer and exalted in Taurus, an earth sign, that she expresses herself in a congenial way in all water and earth signs. However this is not how it works. You have to consider the planetary ruler of the sign in which the Moon finds herself in your birth chart. The planetary ruler influences the Moon's expression.

+++A few things before we dive into quick interpretations. As with everything Moon-related, the Moon’s phase at the time of your birth plays a critical role in describing your personality.

If you don’t know where your natal Moon is, you can download your free birth chart from  For a deeper and more nuanced interpretation please schedule a reading with me here.

Aries Moon:  Ruled by Mars, you are entrepreneurial, passionate, provocative and hungry for new experiences.

Taurus Moon: Ruled by Venus, you enjoy life’s simple pleasures; good food, the company of that special someone, poetry, sunrises and sunsets. You have green fingers.

Gemini Moon: Ruled by Mercury, you live in your head.  You emit a nervous or excited energy. You love learning. You are guided by your curiosity.

Cancer Moon:  Ruled by the Moon. Your mood fluctuates with the ebb and flow of the tides. You love family and food.  Your mother is your comfort and heart song.

Leo Moon: Ruled by the Sun. You love the spotlight. You are amazingly creative and need no muse to inspire you.  You are a fierce, protective parent.

Virgo Moon: Ruled by Mercury. You are practical. You fuss over the people and things you care about. You need alone time.

Libra Moon: Ruled by Venus. You seek balance and harmony in your relationships with others which can lead to you sacrificing your own needs to appease others. You avoid conflict. You are painfully aware of the unfairness in life.

Scorpio Moon: Ruled by Mars/Pluto. You are secretive. Your childhood was probably difficult. You are extremely good at reading people. You are a born therapist.

Sagittarius Moon: Ruled by Jupiter. You are curious. Your energy is childlike. You are easily bored and require constant stimulation or company.

Capricorn Moon:  Ruled by Saturn. You may be shy or were considered awkward as a child. You wear your shadowy sadness like a blanket. You are a hard worker.

Aquarius Moon: Ruled by Capricorn. You probably have father issues. You are very intelligent. You want society’s stamp of approval on what you do but deep down, you also just want to rebel.

Pisces Moon: Ruled by Jupiter/Neptune. You are a dreamer which means your relationships are often fraught with problems. You have difficulty describing your feelings. You are amazingly creative.

Where is your Moon and do you agree with these quick interpretations?

**This post was originally published in my now defunct astrology website in February, 2022